An engine is a driving force in any mechanical equipment, and the same applies to bikes. A perfectly  fine tuned engine on a bike is an absolute necessity. To get a long life out of the engine   its important that the bike is serviced at regular intervals, and the driving style also effects the durability of the engine. Over the years there will be build up of the metal pieces, dust inside the engine and also the mileage takes its toll on the engine. One of the other factor that damages the engine is driving at a very high rpm. Driving at high rpm will cause cut inside the engine’s cylinders. Many of the bike owners are stuck between choices, whether to get the bike engine reworked or buy a completely new bike altogether. And this dilemma comes from the fact that they have a fear if the bike engine rework will work, whether it will cost them more or they will incur heavy expenses in future with bike services. Below are few tips to keep in mind while getting engine rework done.

When To Get Engine Rework

Engine rework is required when the engine has reached its mileage limit or there is damage. Generally, there will be a white smoke coming from the exhaust which is caused because there are cuts inside the cylinder  or the gap between the piston rings and cylinder has increased, and the engine oil is seeping into the combustion chamber, this mixture along with the fuel burns resulting in a white smoke from exhaust. Another sign is the knocking sound from the engine which is the result of damage inside the engine.


Choice Of Engine Rework

Many a times when its time to get the engine rework. The customers are in a hurry and sometimes fail to understand what choices do they have. Normally a bore is recommended and new piston rings are installed, but that might not be the best solution for your vehicle. A bore might result in bad compression ratio leading to less power.You can always go to replacing the complete cylinder, piston and piston rings which furthers the engine’s life by miles. Still confused you can get in touch with Doers for complete information and what exactly is needed for your specific bikes, so do get in touch with us for bike and car services.

Choosing The Right Mechanic

Engine rework is a very delicate work, even single mistake will cost a lot down the line. An engine rework may include the cleaning the of metal fillings, engine boring, replacing the piston ring and piston from the engine. Engine boring involves increasing the diameter of the cylinder in which piston and piston rings fit. Any mistake will result in the piston not fitting into the cylinder which leads to fuel mixture imbalance, which results in lower power output and high fuel consumption. And after the engine rework has been done and still has some issues, you might have to reopen the engine again for the same work which elevates the expenses further. So do choose a mechanic or bike service centre with great care.

Quality Of Spare parts

Usually your local bike service centers replace the engine parts with locally manufactured ones, to keep the complete engine rework cost to a minimum. But this harms the engine and in turn your pocket in the long run. So replacing with genuine parts is recommended as this provides for better performance and longer shelf life.



Cost Of Engine Rework

Engine rework is done when the engine has reached its mileage or there are issues with the engine. Many of us have an emotional attachment to our old vehicle which leads us to get it fixed so that it might work for a few years more. Engine rework is major overhaul work and will be costly from the   normal repairs you have faced. A good engine rework might cost somewhere between Rs 10000 to Rs 20000(  change according to data). So do think of all the factors and then decide whether to get an engine rework or not.

After Repair Care

Once the engine rework is done it’s very important to take care of the bike for the first 1000 Km-1500 Km. Since the engine is reworked recently, it is important to break in the engine slowly, because this shapes the engine for the future use. For the first 500 Km drive anywhere between 30 Kmph and 40 Kmph, and then next 500 Km don’t exceed 60 Kmph, and the final 500 Km drive comfortably crossing the 60 Kmph. This will break in the engine nicely and will give optimum performance.

Have any further queries, you can always get in touch with Doers and we will be happy to help you. If you want to know whether your old vehicle requires the engine rework conatct us, we will diagnose first and provide you with an estimation.