Vehicles body paint is the most important aesthetic aspect of your car. The sheen and glossy look of your vehicle’s paint fills you with a sense of pride and joy. But over the time after 3 to 5 years of riding the car, it looses to the natural forces. In sunny or desert-like climate the colour of the car fades rapidly and in humid weather with heavy rainfall, the gloss of the paint vanishes and the car body succumbs to corrosion. The memory of the new car you bought also sinks away with time. Well the thought of full body re-paint starts to come to mind. When thinking of full body re-paint there are some important things to be considered. There are different types of  body paints available in the market from simple single coating enamel paint to multi-stage urethane paint which is preferable as it is more resistant and has a higher warranty period. Of course, they are pretty heavy on the pocket.
 Why get a Full Body Re-paint.
Apart from the beauty and good looks, the vehicles body paint serves a more practical purpose by acting as the rust inhibitor. Over the years any vehicle is bound to suffer few scratches and the paint starts to fade. This leaves the metal exposed to nature’s elements which accelerates the corrosion process.
The full body re-paint proves to be a major factor in the resale value of your vehicle. A simple respray of paint can help you get a better deal for the resale of your vehicle. Moreover, few of us have an emotional attachment to there car and would want them to look in pristine condition which only enhances the life of the vehicle. Also, this is the most opportune time if you are thinking to change the colour of the car.
 Best time of the year for Full Body Re-paint.

Weather plays a vital role in re-painting of vehicles. As humidity or cold weather can adversely affect the paint job. Low temperature causes high film thickness which in turn leads to solvent popping or peeling of the paint. Humidity and condensation cause a thin film of water on the vehicle which adversely affects the adhesion of the paint to the body. Considering the above aspects, the best time to get the full body paint is autumn, which is October and November in India. As it is mostly dry and warm. However, when you have expert facility like us where all the painting facility has painting booth and heating chamber which will maintain the very high reliable service, then you can book the service at Doers anytime.
Additional Advice.
Once the paint job is done it is important for first few months to take extra care and precautions. Avoiding water washing at the service center is the first thing, as the high-pressure water jets used to clean car can damage the paint significantly.
It is better to clean car at home with simple clothes and water. For more information on cleaning tips refer to the blog. Below is a picture of a car with front bumper paint job gone wrong, subsequent water washing started to peel off the paint. Full body paint is a very skilled job and must be done by a professional. They will take extra care to polish the car after the paint is done. Also if you are interested you can get ceramic coat paint protection which is the most effective way for lasting glossy look. Ceramic coating also protects against UV exposure, road grime, muck and bird droppings.


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