A bike general servicing or repair invokes anxiety in some owners. This is usually caused because of the lack of knowledge of bikes mechanical functions and also the fear that they might be duped by the service centres by replacing unnecessary parts. Accessibility of service/repair centres is a major concern for most of the owners in today’s busy life. Modern technology has definitively made bike parts more durable which in turn leads the owners to push the bike to its edge by not getting the bike serviced at a scheduled time. A general servicing will increase the life of bike by a long mile and that’s the reason its imperative to get it serviced regularly. It might seem a daunting task but with Doers online service you can get it repaired from the comfort of your home. And we will constantly keep you informed and you need not worry about any hidden charges since parts will be replaced only after confirming with the customer, which in turn will provide the customer with an estimate of what will be the total cost of the repair at the end of it.

There are simple general servicing steps that the owners can do themselves. You just have to have the right tools and products for you to get it done yourself. Below are the things that you can do on your own with a little help from technology.

Engine Oil Change

Engine oil is at the very heart of the engines optimum performance. Engine oil lubricates the engines moving parts to protects it from wear and tear which is caused by friction. It also keeps the engine clean by minimizing sludge buildup, protect the engine from water and acids formed as combustion by-products. Using the right engine oil for your bike is very important as bike engines work at very high temperatures. Hence choose the right engine oil before changing the it, you can then visit our DIY section which will guide with steps on how to change the engine oil.


Spark Plug

As small a device as it may seem, but it plays a very important role in the working of the bike. The spark plug is a device used for igniting the fuel/air mixture by an electric spark. This is how combustion in engines is caused, hence a properly functioning spark plug causes better combustion which in turn leads to a better functioning engine and mileage. But over the time soot deposits on the electrodes of the spark plugs which results in incomplete combustion of fuel reducing the mileage. A correctly working spark plug will also provide better acceleration. So its important to at least clean the spark plug and if necessary replace it. Our DIY will guide you on how to clean or replace spark plug easily.


Chain Cleaning

Chain delivers the power from the engine to the rear wheels which in turn moves the vehicle forward. So keeping it in a good condition is of absolute necessity. Greasing the chain reduces the wear and tear, also lubricates the chain for free movement. But over the time the grease collects dust as it is exposed to the environment and regular washing also damages the grease. So after washing it’s important to grease the chains properly. Using the right grease product is recommended.


Air Filter

Regular cleaning of the air filter is needed as it can affect the health of the engine severely. Air filter prevents any dust particles or abrasive materials from entering into the engine. Any impurities can damage the engine. These dust particles can build up in air filter over time and cause an imbalance in the fuel/air mixture in the engine, which then reduces the peak performance of the engine. Please visit our DIY section for steps on how to clean air filter.


Water Wash And Polish

A bike is made of a number of metallic parts and a major harm to the metallic parts is done by the rust. Rust is caused by various environmental factors like water, dust or humidity. So do make sure to keep them clean as much as possible. Periodic water wash will do the trick. Using proper bike washing detergents is suggested as home cleaning detergents are detrimental to the vehicle. Polishing the bike with the correct polish will protect the bike parts from rust and also give that shining look which you love.

These simple steps will help in maintaining the bike in a good condition for a long time. There are many other parts that need to be checked, maintained and replaced if necessary, but these can be a hassle for a customer. That’s when you can contact Doers and book a service, and rest assured that everything will be taken care of in a transparent and professional manner.