Motorcycles are the most feasible and practical means of the daily commute in our lives. We all know how busier our work life is getting and the little time we get, we seek to relax. To take care of bike seems hectic sometimes. So here are a few steps simple enough to maintain your bike as good as when you bought it. Only things required are your little spare time and the tool kit provided my the manufacturer.

The heart of bikes– Engine is the core of all the bikes. Keep it fit the lifespan of the bike will increase automatically. To take care of it means maintaining engine oil, spark plug and the air filter.

With regular use of the bike, the engine oil tends to accumulate dirt and carbon. You can see it through the engine oil indicator on the engine. Check the clearness and the level regularly. Changing engine oil on scheduled interval will suffice the job. One can find the recommended interval in the handbook.

The spark plug is another essential component of the engine. Without going into technical details of how it works, it is important to know that it works continuously whenever the engine is working. Hence keeping it fit is a priority. Usually, it has a long durability of 15k to 30k kilometres. To be sure check the owners manual for accurate data for replacement. Meanwhile regularly cleaning it will boost the engine’s performance. It is very simple to clean. One can use a dry cloth to remove the debris deposited on it and it is also recommended to check the spacing between the electrodes.

An air filter which can be assumed to be the nose of the engine helps in keeping dirt and other pollutants from entering the combustion chamber. Regular cleaning of it is necessary, generally, in scheduled servicing, it is taken care of. But cleaning it once in a month will prolong its life and you will get an efficient performance. You can refer to the DIY section to learn how to clean it.

The Electrical– The electrical systems in motorcycle comprise of headlamps, self-start, horn, digital display and the battery. Almost all systems are sturdy and reliable. The only thing to take care off is the battery which is the power source to all. To make the battery life long, regularly inspect it for any leakages, check if the terminals are properly connected. The batteries of bikes are pretty costly to replace, so utmost care should be taken to extend its life. Topping up the battery with distilled water and fully recharging it if the vehicle is not used for a while and brushing off the dirt around the electrodes whenever you take up the cleaning of the bike will boost the battery performance.

The wheels and chain-sprocket– These are the parts which are bound to a lot of wear and tear, as they are the movers of the bike. A simple way to maintain the tyres is to inflate it to the recommended air pressure. The performance and the mileage largely depend on it. Checking the pressure once in two weeks is a good habit. Another attribute of the tyres is the treads. If they are depleted then, the ride quality degrades drastically and the handling worsens. So keep checking the depths of tread and change the tyres if necessary. Coming to the other part of the wheel that is the rim and spokes. They attract dust and moisture making them prone to rust, weakening their strength. Cleaning them and drying it before taking the bike for a ride will definitely keep them fit and also they look nice.

Chain and the sprocket are the links, which delivers the power from the engine to the tyres. Too loose or too tight is always harmful to the overall performance of the bike. Adjusting it for optimum setting will easily give you mileage of 30000 km before replacing the chain. But the main foe is the dirt. The greasing on the chain attracts plenty of dirt. Brush the chain and sprocket to remove the dirty grease before re-lubricating it. Also, watch out for the teeth of the sprocket for any wear and tear.

The levers and the fluids– The brakes are also highly prone to wear and tear on the bikes. There is a lot of friction generated to bring the vehicle to stop, this wears out the brake pads. Using the toolkit which comes with the bike, one can adjust the brakes to their riding style suitable to them. Here too, over-tight or lose brakes can adversely affect the brakes as well as the mileage. Braking fluids is a necessary part of the braking system, so always keep an eye on the fluid reservoir. Top it up whenever necessary.

Clutch is the constantly used lever on the bike. Using it properly for shifting the gears is the best way to maintain it. Adjust it appropriately so that it has a good free play.

How do I look– Keeping the vehicle clean and in top condition will not only retain the new look of the bike but also increase the life of the bike. These minimalist efforts will avoid any unnecessary breakdowns during a ride. All the parts working perfectly makes the ride a real joy. So take a little time on weekends to wash your bike. Cleaning kits with polishing wax and other stuff are readily available at cost effective prices, even shampoos work. Wash it and dry it with clean cloth and take your bike for a fun ride. Also you can take experts help on regular basis for your motorcycle service at doorstep. Doers provide best certified mechanic in Bangalore for car and bike at very short notice.


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