The general service of a car is a set of procedure for maintenance of the car, which is done on a periodic basis. The interval for the general service is scheduled by the car manufacturer. The scheduling is done either by time ( e.g.- 3 or 6 months) or the distance the car has traveled (5000 or 10000 km). The general service of the car has a great impact on the lifespan of the vehicle. This helps to keep a check on the quality of the spare parts and also corrects if there are any anomalies. The owner’s manual has the details of the general service. The authorized service center also keeps a tab of the car maintenance; they usually call the owner when the time of general service has arrived. Some modern premium cars like BMW X1; Mercedes-Benz CLA250 has functionality on their dash display, which inform the driver about the schedule.

Now let’s get into the details of what all things are covered in a periodic maintenance.

In the owner’s manual one will observe in the beginning itself, there is a checklist for the scheduled service. This checklist contains details of what will be done by the mechanic. Every service provider has different checklist, mostly the major points to be covered remain same but some minor checks differ for different providers.

We at Doers cover 66 points service which is highly detailed than the authorized service center. The detailed information file can be found here.

The general service can be divided into three steps-

Vehicle Diagnosis– When a car is received for general service, it is first taken out for a test drive to check for undesirable vibrations or sounds. Other things inspected are power delivery, basic handling, suspension, console and all the levers.

Main Work– The main area of work are engine oil, air filter, fuel filter, belts hoses and radiator fluid, spark plug, brakes, exhaust, power steering fluids, suspension and transmission fluids, fasteners’ tightening, wiper system, tires and the electrical. After completing all the jobs the car is washed and cleaned, and well lubricated.

Test Drive and fine tuning– In the final step of general service, the car is again taken out for another test drive to check the vehicle response and performance. The pedal travel is adjusted to ease the response of braking, acceleration and clutch actuation. At the end, fine tuning is done and the car is ready to be delivered.

It is the periodic service of the car which ensures the longevity of the vehicle and also the safety of people while travelling. So do not miss the scheduled maintenance, it will also help you to avoid big expenses in future.Reach us out via call (080-49652345) or follow us on social media today.




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