Luxury car market is growing steadily in India, the German car makers- Benz Mercedes, BMW, Audi and even Indian Jaguar Land Rover Automotive showed significant growth in sales last quarter. This growth is visible on the roads of Bangalore.  One can see these premium cars breezing away on the streets turning your head to grasp a glance. This captivating effect on our eyes is probably same as watching a beautiful woman passing by.

            Premium cars are icon of power as they are very expensive to buy. They are built to provide luxury to the owners and a feeling of pride. Even a scratch on the car can hurt you and your pocket dearly. So here are few tips to maintain your luxury car.

Let’s begin with the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. Going through the handbook is very helpful in the long run, as the information provided will come handy when required. Most important aspect of maintaining a luxury car is the scheduled general service. The general service will take care of all the important parts of the car such as engine, transmission, brakes, filters and the electrical. So do not miss the periodic general service. Even if you forget about the general service, these premium cars will remind you by displaying on the dash screen. For example the newer models of BMW such as BMW X5 or BMW 3 series come equipped with Condition Based Servicing (CBS) and Service Interval Indicator (SII). CBS monitors various parts for wear and tear; it has smart design and requests your attention only when required. SII on the other hand monitors mileage of the car and the time since the last service was done. This provides valuable data about the health of the car. One can learn about these different service icons from the manual or the BMW website. Other manufacturers of luxury car also provide the car with the system similar to the one mentioned above.

General Service of the car is the key to longer lifespan of the car. But there are many little things which are as important as the periodic maintenance. The vehicle drives best when they are topped up with all the necessary fluids. Engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, wiper liquid and transmission fluids should be monitored and refilled regularly. Fuel tank top up is another vital maintenance tip. Running the car low on fuel will damage the fuel pump and the debris concentration increases which in turn damage the oil filter. Next coming to the tires, keeping them inflated to recommended pressure will improve the car performance and also the life of the tires. It is a good habit to check the pressure once in a fortnight. If you have to inflate the tires more frequently then there is a chance of leakage in the tires. One should also inspect the treads on the tires. Small things like the valve cap also play good role; though not necessary it protects the valve of the tires from getting damaged.

Luxury cars are highly expensive, but this doesn’t mean that the climate have no effect on it. Summer has arrived and the scorching sun will try its best to fade the premium paint. It has been observed that birds with sinistrous motive bake their droppings on the car stealing away the beauty of your car; beware of them and park your car in better shade. Repainting a premium car is a costly affair; hence avoiding it is a smart move. It can be done easily by cleaning and waxing the car regularly and parking in the shed. Due to high temperatures in the summer the wiper blades can become sticky and can damage the windscreen by scratching it. A simple solution for it is by running the wiper system and cleaning the screen with it once in a week. The interiors of any luxury car are made from the best material available. Cleaning the interior is as crucial as the exterior; foam cleaning once in 4-6 months will preserve the interiors to its best. Air conditioner of car is one more important part to be taken care off, if the AC is in continuous use it will be fine as no bacteria or fungus will deposit in the AC micro filters. But if not used for long time like the season of winter, then foul odor will fill the cabin when AC is turned on. Servicing of AC is usually taken up in general service of the car.

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