Brakes of the car always receive less attention, but its importance cannot be denied because it can result in fatalities. The main components of a braking system which help in stopping the car are the rotor or the disc, brake pads and the caliper assembly. The brake pads are pressed against the rotor disc using the caliper mounted on the system. It is the friction between these two which brings the car to halt and also controls the speed of the car. With daily usage, the brake pads tend to wear off due to friction. Knowing when to replace these brake pads helps to maintain the car in proper condition.

Every wheel has a rotor and a brake pad. Though race cars may have multiple brake pads on a single rotor for better performance. There are different types of brake pads available in the market, namely the semi-metallic, organic, a hybrid of metallic and organic and the ceramic brake pads. The first three are generally used in cars, they are cheap to replace and also have good braking performance. The premium cars like BMW 320D or Audi A4 come with the ceramic pads. Though they are expensive they have smooth braking and produce less noise and they are highly durable.

Unlike bikes, visually inspecting for wear in brake pads of the cars can be difficult. So one should look for the symptoms of wear and tear in the pads. If you hear a screeching sound whenever you apply brakes then the time has come to replace the brake pads. Moreover, if the sound of squealing has changed to a metallic grinding noise then it is assured that the brake pads of the car have surpassed their lifespan. If you hear these noise immediately go to the car service center to get it replaced as it can be very dangerous to drive in such condition. There are other signs too indicating the deterioration in the pads such as longer stopping distance after application of the brakes or you have to press the brake to the bottom to get the effect of the braking. There can be an erratic behavior in steering while applying the brakes. If you are observant you can see the brake dust around the wheel, which is also a sign of degenerating brakes. If you encounter any of these signs, do take care of it on a high priority basis. With technology getting sophisticated every day you have to worry less thinking of when to go for the replacement of the brake pads, the modern cars are coming equipped with an electronic system which warns the car owner that the brake pads have reached its service life.

The average lifespan of the pads can be somewhere between 30000 km to 100000 km. It mostly depends on the driving style. Gentle usage prolongs the life but sudden braking or hard barking causes the brake pads to wear off faster. So keep attentive mind while driving to avoid hard braking. If you are a car crazy enthusiast and want to try different brake pads, consult us at the Doers. We will be glad to help you.