Getting the best mileage out of your bike is a difficult task, right? Specially if you ride in a major traffic zone like Bangalore or Mumbai for example. Don’t worry!! We are happy to give you few simple yet effective tips that will help you get more KMs/Ltr. There are basically two thumb rules to achieve this, first and foremost, maintain your bike in a good condition, yes ‘Good Condition’, not just when the bike in new but forever until the vehicle is with you. Secondly, the way you use it to ride also has a major role to play in increasing the mileage.

Below are few tips that you can follow to get the best out of your bike.

  • Service: A healthy engine will deliver more than that of an unhealthy engine. So, make sure to get the engine servicing on timely basis with no excuses.


  • Proper fueling: Good quality fuel and engine oil is always an important aspect to consider for your bike’s mileage. Get your vehicle refueled from a trusted petrol vendor and also use the preferred grade of engine oil. Don’t for get to keep a timely check on oil change. Bad engine oil = bad mileage and unhealthy engine


  • Tyre Pressure: Lesser air pressure means more friction, thereby returning less mileage, so make sure to keep the tyre pressure as recommended by the company. Also consider nitrogen over normal air to keep you bike tyres in good condition


  • Engine off: Switch off your vehicle engine while on traffic, If your waiting time in the traffic signal is more than 35 secs then always switch off the engine until you get a chance to move again. Off course, it’s simple these days with the auto start, so do it.


  • Say no to alterations: Yes, your bike looks cool after altering it with exhaust system, wider rear tyre, full-body fairing. But it will reduce mileage significantly.


  • Shifting gears and constant speed: Shift to the highest gear as soon as possible. Also riding on a constant speed of 50-60km/hr. is highly recommended for a better mileage. Avoid sudden acceleration and breaking.


  • Parking: parking in sunlight for a long time might evaporate small quantity of fuel. If done frequently like 8 hour and day and 30 days in a month. This will sum up to a considerable amount of fuel.


Well that’s DIY. If you still need expert suggestions, Doers is just a click away, and always happy to help you and your bike. Happy and Safe riding!!


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