Road trips are in such a rage today with all those latest and exciting bikes on the road. Who wouldn’t what to go on a road ride? You, me and everyone. As we all know these trips gives us excitement, happiness, memories and many more. Let me warn you it also brings danger and problems along with it which can be avoided following few simple rules.

Here you go with top ten tips to follow for your first road trip.

  1. Safety: first and foremost, comes the safety, helmet is a must for both the riders. Choose a comfortable bike that you are well acquainted with so that your rides are more pleasure full.
  2. Equipment: don’t forget to carry all the necessary tools that you might need help yourself during a minor breakdown. You don’t want to search for a puncture shop in the midst of a jungle, you can and should do it yourself. And also, don’t forget to get your engine oil change or any other engine work to be done before leaving. Regular maintenance would definitely avoif
  3. Don’t be greedy on food: always eat light while you are on a journey specially on a bike journey, a full tummy might make you drowsy or uninterested to ride in the hot sun.
  4. Dress: choose wise clothing while you plan a road trip. For long rides, riding pants, ankle boots (safety shoes can be a substitute), riding jacket & of course a full-face helmet.
  5. Less Language: don’t carry too much so that it becomes a burden on you through your journey, carry only what is really needed.
  6. Stay hydrated: make sure to drink as much as water you can so that the heating sun doesn’t deenergize you, and also take short brakes, one should not be on a bike for too long.
  7. Be prepared: both mentally and physically, you never know what weather you are going to face for the day and also which might change for every 100 kms.
  8. Technology: use technology wisely, know your route prior to your journey, get to know the places where you will take a break or stay. Knowing what and where you get things on the way will save a lot of time and energy. Without any doubt use google maps and other websites where you get information.
  9. The roads are rough: the roads you seem to think is short and easy might turn out to be the toughest one you have ever come across, so be prepared. You would not face much problem if you have gotten your bike service done before leaving. Don’t miss to have few brake down service numbers with you

  1. Motivation: lastly, be motivated, remember why you wanted to go on this trip and how you will feel after accomplishing the trip.

So, have a safe and happy road trip guys. If you need more assistance, as always Doers are here to help you. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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