Tips to Protect the Car in the Summer

Cars have to be taken care during the summer as the heat over the head and has remarkable affect on the car body as well as the people sitting the car.The high temperature in the summer has devastating effect on the car body and the interiors as well.So there has to be precautionary measures that has to be taken care during summer heat.

 Protect your car at the Parking .Car seats with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers, dashboards and steering wheels are affected badly when there is sunlight beams falling on them regularly. If you have to park in the sunshine during summer everyday, then precautions to be taken care. Some of the tips to protect the car during the summer would be :


Using the windshield. That would be easily folded and removed when you require to held to the shield the front and rear glasses so that the rays falling on it can be diverted once it falls on the surface of the glasses.

Windshield and Glasses Protection from Summer is necessary


Protect the seats,interior and dashboard.There are number of the products available for the protecting the interiors like vinyl products and leather to protect the covers around the interiors.


Tint the windows.Tinting can help the seats,dashboard and the glasses but there is local regulations for tinting levels of the car so act according to the RTO rules for tinting.


Park the vehicle in the shade. There will be number of the shades and shelters available for parking the car for daily basis during summer look for building parking area and trees would also help for the shade of the vehicle.


Check the car’s battery.The excessive distilled water gets evaporated from the battery so keep an check on that and if possible top up the liquid in the battery.

Summer affects on the Car Body Parts

Coolant to be checked regularly in summer.The car radiator cap has to be opened after the vehicle is used and kept for an hour to cool down and then add topups like the coolants.

Travel in cooler conditions.Try to go out in the cool timings like in the early morning or in the evening so that both the car and the passengers can enjoy the travelling.

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