Bangalore is observing continuous weather changes from burning heat to chilling rain. It may give some relief to people, but it’s affecting your vehicle in many ways. We heard about climate change and its effect on weather, people, agriculture, land, etc., but this post is more about the effect of weather change on vehicle due to climate change

Tire – Tires are the important part which affects very largely due to weather changes. The summer heat expands the tyre which result is a fall in tyre pressure, which further results in change of wheel alignment. An under-inflated tyre might swell outward and exerts pressure on the sidewalls of the tyre. With constant heat exposure and increasing sidewall pressure, the tyre might blow. While an over-inflated tyre, with less surface contact, causes wear and tear of the treads. In a serious case, the tyre might burst out. Therefore, it is advised to check tyre pressure on a regular basis or consult Doers for the same.

Fuel Economy – During extreme heat, it’s normal tendency that we turn on the AC and the usage of AC will be more comparable to normal weather. Turing on the AC will surely have some effect on fuel economy. Further, the heated air at the throttle of your engine will reduce the air to fuel ratio, which will further decrease the fuel economy. When it comes to raining, there is a reduction of power delivery due to low temperature of complete system comparable to normal weather.

Battery – A hot summer can do a number on your car battery.

However, perhaps it isn’t until fall rolls around that you notice you’re having trouble starting your car. As a result, you may be tempted to blame the cold or raining weather for your battery troubles. While both the heat and cold affect car batteries, it’s often extreme heat that does the real damage, even if the damage doesn’t show up until later.



Leaks – The metal and plastic used in cars will collect condensate or expand when the weather changes frequently. If the temperature drops or increase, the system like hoses or pipes expand or contract which result in loose connection and leakage.

Having said that, It’s better to get your car inspected by Doers Professional once in a while during such weather change to avoid any major damage. Also, It’s very important to take bold steps to protect our climate so that we can #SaveTheVehcile