Nobody knows when does the disaster strikes and the person has to be alert and manage such situations like a pro.

Car Accident

Step 1: Situation has to be assessed
Accidents has to be reported to police

For the injury cases to be reported to the ambulance(108) and police emergency (103)

  • The parties involved in the accident to be stayed at the location
  • The vehicles involved in the accident to be present at the spot


Situation has to assessed and vehicle to be brought to roadside

Police will also be involved in these :

  • Any injured pedestrian or the cyclist or any other case
  • Hit-and-run case
  • Government vehicles or registered or unregistered vehicles involved

*The police has to be called at the location within 24 hours.

Accidents with Non-injury Cases


  • Make sure the vehicle is obstructing the road,in that case move the vehicle to the road side and free the lane for other passenger vehicle immediately.
  • Put the hazard signal atleast 50 metres away from the incident
  • The vehicles with involvement of people like drivers and owners details has to be noted.
  • If the parties involved are denying for exchange of information then they have report the police within 24 hours after incident otherwise they are violating the traffic rules and regulations
  • Take the contact details of any witnesses or passengers around who were present at the incident
  • Videography and photography of the incident happened.
  • Also take note of license plate numbers

Step 2: Information Circulation

Find out the nearest garage or workshop who are expert in the accidental cases and would arrange a claim from the insurance companies.


Step 3: Estimates from the workshop

  • After the vehicle is taken to the workshop for diagnosis,the estimate has to be released to the customer in 1-5 working days of time.
  • The insurance company has to be informed immediately after the pickup is done to the workshop
  • The insurance inspector will visit in 1-3 working days of time to assess the condition of the vehicle
  • The report from the workshop is sent to the customer as well as the insurance company for the approval of the estimate.
  • Insurance inspector would look for the estimate sent and would agree on the percentage of claim depending upon on the age of vehicle and other depreciation factors.
  • Upon the percentage of the claim from the insurance company,the customer can decide on the rest payment to be made to take up the whole accidental vehicle repair.

Step 4: Approval of the work

  • After you have got the estimate you can approve on the factors for going ahead with the work at the workshop.
  • The workshop would provide you the photos of update on the day to day work onto your vehicle through Whatsapp, email or call.
  • We have modern accidental and collision repair facility for the car body work,car mechanical work, and car electrical work.We doers have a track record of repairing accidental vehicles around 70 percent of lesser cost compared to authorised service centres,where our approach normally used to be minimise the replacement of parts and maximise the repair without compromising on the quality so that we can provide cost effective for accidental and normal repair vehicles.

Step 5: Post work completion onto your vehicle

  • Once the work is finished onto your vehicle there will non liability letter that would be released from the insurance company to the customer as well as the workshop company
  • The final settlement of the payment is done to the workshop company from the insurance and rest if any payment from the customer who is willing to go with the complete work will also be done to the workshop company.