It may be common expression from many when you hear above topic “How to maintain your motorcycle” and may would say, Oh no, not again with thousands of words of lecture like old school time. Or some may claim, ” we don’t want to read big blogs and when do you guys understand that we do service on time.” However, don’t worry, Doers are here with few very short tips which would rather take just 2 minutes.

Tip 1 :  First of all change your engine oil or gear oil frequently as it lubricates your gears and engines, and also keeps your engine cool.

Tip 2 : Clean the spark plug regular interval of time to avoid carbon deposition and avoid miss firing of engine.

Tip 3 : Chain lubrication at regular interval of time to avoid damage to chain and sprocket.

Tip 4 : Regular cleaning or washing the bike is part of maintaining motorcycle

Tip 5 : Checking the tyre treads every once a week or two is a good habit to avoid puncture etc

Also its well recommended to do the servicing of your bike once in 3 month or before 2500 Kilometer to keep the vehicle in very good running condition. For any service related information or request, feel free to reach your expert mechanic from Doers. You can reach us out on 080-49652345 or write an email to hello@