A clutch is a disc which uses the friction and is known for the manual transmission of the car.It generates the power from the engine through to the transmission  to drive the wheels.

Clutch Plate Assembly


As the time passes the clutch would be worn out and loses its performance in terms of generating the transmission energy to the drives wheels.The noise,vibrations and sound and slippages are some of the issues that are shown if it is worn out.There are some of the analysis which tells whether it is functioning or it needs replacement

Analyse 1: Does The Clutch Engage Correctly ?

When the vehicle is in running condition then step on the clutch to see whether it is engaging or giving grinding or popping sounds while doing so.If it is not engaging or making sounds then it needs to be replaced.Check or observe for any signs for the clutch slippage this could make the engine shake,hesitant or reverse during the driving.

Analyse 2: Keep Driving In The First Gear

Drive the vehicle in the first gear and observe if there is any clutch releasing problem,if yes then there might be slippage,noise or burning smell as well.If you come across these things then the clutch must have excessively worn out and need replacement.

Analyse 3: Keep Driving In Third Gear

There is something everybody must have done is while changing the gear we must have the wrongly changed it to third gear instead of first.However this has to be tried purposefully for checking the clutch system in the off road.

New Clutch Plate

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From the stop,try to set off the gear to third and slowly raise the clutch.The car should move slowly and again if there is slippage sign or squeaking noise or burning smell then definitely you have to replace the clutch .

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