Every car has either manual gear box or automatic gear box which has clutch system.Clutches when used often is susceptible to wear out and for replacement it would cost upto Rs 50000 also depending upon the model and type.By making a tweak in driving style could increase the life of the clutch,this could save both time and money for you.Some of the tips to be followed for your clutch system

Clutch Plate

1.Avoid “partial riding on the Clutch”

If the clutch is engaged partially or fully then it means you are riding the clutch in the car.If you unnecessarily engage the clutch then it produce the stress which speeds up the wear of the clutch soon.

2.Don’t use clutch use brake pad instead while slowing down

You should not use your clutch to slow down the vehicle. Here the brake pads comes into the picture. Also is the gearbox where the brake pad can be taken care by gear shifting to lowest when you want to slow down further. The brake pad replacement would cost you upto Rs 6000(labour and part) and the clutch replacement comes upto Rs 50000(labour and part)

3.Find out the biting point and come over it

For the learner drivers finding out the clutch biting point is an easy introduction when the car is moving and stopping.When you have got a grip on the vehicle riding then you would come over the biting point and start the clutch pedal hovering over the bite point before lifting the vehicle.

4.Practice over the clutch control

When you ride with the clutch,sloppy clutch control would make unnecessary wearing of the clutch.If you don’t engage or release the clutch confidently then you could end up hovering in the middle of the road which would add additional stress on your clutch plate.A frequent practice on clutch pedal could make your movements to far before the wear of it.

5.Parking(Hand) brakes along with the Gear

Leaving your car in gear is an easy way to stop your car from rolling down the hill , but using this as the sole technique to prevent a run away vehicle puts a lot of strain to the clutch. Next time, use the hand brake in addition to leaving your car in gear, as the parking brake can help carry the load.

For the vehicle to stop rolling from the hill,we would leave the vehicle in the gear,but using this as the sole technique to prevent the run away of the vehicle would put lot of strain on the clutch system.Next time,use the parking(hand) brakes along with the vehicle in gear so that it could reduce the strain.

Clutch Assembly Components


The Bottom line

The right engaging of the clutch would not only save the clutch system but also fuel,brake pads and gear box as well.So with little practice you can come over the engaging and disengaging of the clutch.It would reap rewards and would save lot of money in the long term.

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