Your car suspension is important for smoothing and controlling the car while travelling.Basically,the suspension system creates the friction between the tyres and the road to keep the vehicle in stability and righteous handling.The suspension system would limit the shock and impact of the road roughness, humps and bumps to the passenger as well as the vehicle.




The suspension system is made up of many components including the chassis,which holds the base of the car.The springs supports the vehicle weight and absorb and reduce the effects of the shocks,potholes ,bumps with shock absorbers and struts.At last,the anti sway bar shifts according to the movement of the car and stabilises and controls the car.


The car’s suspension system has to be in good condition.Worn out suspension components may reduce the stability as well as the control of the vehicle to great extent.It would also speed up damaging other components in the suspension system if not changed.Replacing the worn out components in suspension system  and struts would help maintain the good ride control as theyIt controls the spring and suspension

  • Provide consistent braking and handling
  • It reduces the early tyre tear
  • Keep the road and tyre connected
  • Keep the wheel alignment dynamic
  • Control vehicle in  bounce, roll, sway, drive,bump,rough surface etc
  • Would reduce worn out situations in and around suspension system

So suspensions play integral and important part in the vehicle so frequent measures to be taken care otherwise there will be loss of huge money and time.We Doers would assist you diagnose and rectify the problem early at your fingertips.

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