On the surface the suspension of the car seems to have a very pretty job, if the bumps comes in the picture then it would absorb the shocks for the car. 


Suspensions Of The Car



In reality, the suspension system has a major work to do and the components have to take care of the huge amount of stress as compared to the other major systems in the car.The suspension system is allocated between the frames and the wheels and plays a important role.Considerably,the suspension absorbs the bumps and other shocks or imperfections on the road so that the people should not feel any discomfort on the vehicle while travelling .

The wheels play a critical role in performance and vehicle safety.The wheels are the only the part which touches the ground and road.They have to put the power to ground and take care of steering as well as stopping the car at the right time. When the vehicle is unable to absorb the shock and potholes on the road then it would shake and wobble over the rough surface and make it unable to use it on the road.While the suspension system is a great solution for the bumps and humps on the road,it would add to great extent that the wheels also do play important role in performing the right duties for the comfort of the people and alignment of the vehicle.Now you can travel up and down the hill making the vehicle tossed up on the springs for the passengers inside the car.

Suspension System Parts


This is where the suspension system is very important and is complex.If the single piece in the system is broken then there will sabotage in the complete system.

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