Bike Engine, the heart of your motor cycle. So better take care before an attack happens, attack to the engine is seize. Here are few tips from Doers to avoid engine seize.

Let’s know what an engine is seize:

There are various reasons for engine failure, and there are two types of bike engines 2 stroke and 4 stroke which by themselves work in different ways. An engine seize is when some portion of the engine has lost lubrication and the moving parts have started to ware out, either from friction, heat or mechanical failure to the point that the engine stops turning. An engine can seize due to simple mechanical failure, but generally that’s referred to in a different way , 90% of the time loss of lubrication is involved in the failure along with everything else.

How to avoid this:

First and foremost, take care of your motor cycle, bad maintenance is the core reason for most of the problems happening to your bike. Secondly, lubrication plays the major role in engine seize. Make sure you use a good quality engine oil and also to keep changing in frequently so that the bad oil doesn’t do its job of spoiling.

Don’t keep your vehicle idle, not using the bike for a long time and keeping it stagnant inside your garage is a danger for the bike. Rust, from prolonged storage, could corrode the piston. Vise versa , event constant movement of your vehicle without giving time for the engine to cool also might cause the engine to seize.

So, its time for you to take precautions. If you still need an expert advice , Doers is always for you, feel free to contact us.

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