The rear-view mirrors are as important as airbags or traction control or any other safety device in your car. Rear view mirrors can be the difference between safety and danger. Non-usage of rear-view mirrors is one of the most common mistakes people make while driving. Here are a few tips to position your rear-view mirrors for optimum visualization.

Most rear-view mirrors come with a statutory warning which states “OBJECTS ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR IN THE MIRROR”.

In the interest of road safety, it’s advisable to set your rear-view mirrors properly before you start driving and see how the surroundings appear in the mirror when the car is parked. This should be the first thing you do as soon as you sit in the vehicle.


While adjusting the central rear-view mirror, do not smudge the mirror glass with finger-print marks. Do not place your thumb on the mirrors while adjusting as finger-prints adversely affect visibility. You can actually flunk a whole driving test for not adjusting your rear-view mirrors properly, in some countries abroad.

The ORVMs show you what’s happening on both sides of the car. To adjust the ORVMs, keep your head straight and adjust the right side mirror in such a manner that only a small part (the rear edges) of the car is visible in the mirror while ensuring maximum road coverage. Adjust the left side mirror similarly. In case you damage your ORVMs, get them repaired on priority.

Eliminating blind spots:
You may opt for a “Blind Spot Mirror” for your side-rear-view mirrors. These are convex mirrors which provide a fish-eye view of what’s hiding in those blind spots lying towards the sides of the car. These are easily available in any car-accessory shop.

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