As we all know that vehicle body is made up from steel, and as the days goes on they are going to rust. As most of the people thinks that Rust means that it signals the life span of their car is going to be end but, with basic tools, a little time, and a bit of knowledge can help you in stopping your car from rust. This doesn’t sounds for complete restoration work on a classic car, also you don’t need to completely dismantle your car to fix it, or spend thousands. It can be avoided if you catch the rust early enough.

Identify the issue
The first step to wards your rust repair work- is to identify the problems. Rust can be anywhere it can start under the paint of your car which you can not identify easily, but eventually you can observe bubbles to the surface under the paint. Car rust repair begins with a thorough inspection of the area to see if it has spread along a panel or is in one small area.
Rust normally starts when dirt and moisture gets trapped in an area over a long time, and slowly starts eating the metal away. When you are washing your car, make sure to clean all the hidden parts specially behind the fuel filler, clean all the inside portions of the parts like the trunk and bonnet, behind the bumpers, also around the front and rear windshields, wipe under the doors, and inside the wheel arches, as these are all common areas which easily got rust.
If you prevent this things than you do not have to spend too much for the repair work.

How to remove rust from metal
At first you need to clean away the paint and look at the body metal to see if it is just pitted and dimpled, or if it has been fully eaten away leaving nothing behind. Also we need to ensure that there should not be any dust or rust left behind during cleaning process otherwise it will regrow again. Clean the paint using sandpaper also you to see how much rust is hiding under the paint. For a good car rust repair you need full rust removal, if you don’t remove rust from metal it will just keep eating away. The whole process need to be done in a garage with good ventilation also need to be out of the weather to prevent contamination on the repair work, but keep ventilation up when working with paints and chemicals.

How to fix small rust spots on car
Clean the area thoroughly where you have spotted a small rust or hole with the help of Anti-ox that is an oxidizing agent which helps in preventing chemical rust. Mix up a small amount of body filler with the supplied hardener, until it turns light pink. Spread the filler in a thin layer across the section and leave it for two hours for proper dry.
Once it is dried after that sand it with 400-grit paper, Mask the leading edge with the help of tape little bit away from the repair area so you’ll have room to blend and clean rest of the plastic area. Spray primer over the top and fill the holes properly. Slightly remove the excess dried portions from the repair with 400-grid, than apply two coats of colour.

It’s better to get the paint for your car once in few years to keep car in good rust proof condition. To understand our paint process or for quote, please visit our website or reach us on 08049652345 today.