Auto insurance Car and bike insurance premium always seems to be difficult to choose from.While choosing it or renewal it always matters to the financial budget of the individual.Hence several people look for third party insurance coverage.Some people even dare to ride without covers for their vehicle. The fixes for your vehicle for auto insurance premium is calculated under several factors such as our age and gender,prone to accident,geography,claim history,fuel type,value of the vehicle etc.Here are few answers for the questions on the insurance

Incident Happens

Accidental Car Care through Insurance Policies


Factors That Are Affecting The Insurance Premium

Car Type

The car type plays an important role in terms of determining the premium value.Simple cars have a lower premium value than the luxury/sports cars which posses high risk of theft and has costly parts and accessories in them if any accident takes place.

Vehicle Types

Car Fuel Type

We choose the fuel type i.e diesel or petrol in accordance to our convenience.The insurance policy is concerned with the fuel type,mileage and efficiency it has got.

Your Age And Gender

Our age and gender also plays an important role in this.It measures over the comprehensive analysis of the accident rate on the streets with ages below 25 are considered under the calculation of the premium.

Age and Gender also plays the role in the insurance policies

Place Of Living

Our place where we stay is also play an important role for considering the premium.The accident rate or an incident will higher our policy premium.

Vehicle Model Type

As the vehicle gets old the insurance premium value also reduces.With insured declared value getting high,the coverage will also get high.

Discounts Can Be Applicable

For not making claim over the year by careful over the road keeping your self safe and secure would reduce the premium account.

There is voluntary deductible.This depends on the deductible amount you are settling at the time of coverage.the higher the deductible lower is the premium.If you are using any anti theft measure in the car then you would be getting or eligible for extra discount on the premium.

Add-On Covers

There are numerous add-ons to the coverages to the premium in the market.These additional protections covers would increase the premium value but it is also more beneficial as well.

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