When getting into auto body repair like painting,denting and repair of any panels that have lost its shape and also colour then we need these auto body repair tools that would help to regain the shape and colour of the auto body to right precision and marking. 

Air Compressor

For any auto body repair that should last for you years and years to come.It is recommended picking up a compressor of 240V 60 gallon with a 5-7 HP setup.

It’s perfect for painting a car, or a large vehicles and will power all of your air tools with ease. Bigger is better when it comes to compressors for automotive painting works.

If you want something small and only plan on painting touch ups and motorcycles then a 25-35 gallon air compressor will work for you.

NOTE: Painting full car with a smaller 30 gallon tank can also be done. You just need to keep your eyes and ears on the pressure fluctuation and adjust accordingly while your painting we don’t recommended it, but it can be done.

Air compressor for painting job


You want a spray gun that properly ATOMIZES your paint into fine particles onto the panel, which will result in a glossier professional paint job. Of course, your spray gun speed and material flow also plays an important factor. But a good gun is also key to superior finishes.

Slide Hammer

Repairing some form of dents and pulling out, then you need a slide hammer. You can go with a cheaper version and get a basic slide hammer which uses screws and or hook adapters to pull out dents.

Slide hammers for dent pulling out and shaping

Auto Body Hammer And Dolly Set

Ready to whip panels back into shape? Ready to be the real deal with the steel?

Then get yourself a nice auto body hammer and dolly set. You’ll need them. There are different hammers for each unique job.

Autobody Sanding Blocks

We all need a sanding block.They are wet or dry and has a nice flex to them.Sanding blocks are crucial when doing autobody repair. You need them when color sanding and buffing, for shaping body filler and you need them to help to with cutting high spots and to help you find low spots in your bodywork. Auto body blocks are a must-have on the tool box and are very affordable.

Sanding process after dent removal and shaping the body

Body Filler

Body fillers are essential with metal ones as they would last longer.When they get caked up with filler then you can clean them fairly easily with your sander.

What I don’t like about the metal type is that, once your finished applying your filler, you need to clean them right away. If you don’t, it’s a little harder to clean than the plastic ones.

Body filler being applied after dent removal

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