The car trouble is most frustrating thing that one comes across during the most busy schedule.Below are few things that may mean imminent failure or lead to costly repairs if you neglect these for future repairs


1. Flashing- engine light

This is the major sign that your vehicle has been going through major issue,if the normal illuminated check engine light is there then it is not the cause for panic but instead an indicator that you should have checked for the engine in the dashboard sooner or later

This light when shows in red or yellow that means the engine to be checked immediately.It could be emission systems problem and which leads to catalytic convertor problem if not repaired soon

If the vehicle is driving differently than the normal, does that means it should be taken to workshop and taken assistance on it immediately


​2. Smoke coming under the hood

Your vehicle should not produce any smoke under the hood,it indicates an over heating issue which could severely damage the engine if neglected

Also keep an eye on the temperature gauges on the dashboard and make sure it is not going up.If you are driving then wait for the engine to cool down and consider getting the assistance on it

3. Excessive smoke from the exhaust

This might be an indication for the oil leakage and also there might be oil burning smell that you could find.During the cold winter,it is usual to get the white smoke at the first later it disappears when the temperature rises.

If you notice while driving there is excessive smoke coming from the exhaust or check black residue near the exhaust pipe then take it to your mechanic soon to the workshop for assistance and resolving it .

​4. Transmission issue

Always see for how the car is operating in normal conditions if you notice any difficulty during the speed,or creating sound then take it to the trusted mechanic at the workshop for the transmission work

5. Oil Leaks

If you notice any major leaks underneath your car on the ground where you normally park, especially if any of the above symptoms are occurring, take it to your mechanic as soon as possible.

If you find any major leaks underneath the car or ground then it is the symptoms of repairs so it has to be taken to the workshop

Usually in the front of the car there is the bright green coolant or dark red/brown transmission oil, engine oil or brake fluid. In the summer when the A/C runs  there is the fresh water dripping from the front near the passenger side this is normal.

6. Noises while driving

A dragging or droning noise from the wheels are the sign that there is issue in the front or the back of the wheel bearing and has to be diagnosed at the nearest workshop

A grinding or the squealing noise is the sign of the brakes and need to be checked at the workshop.

7. Engine shaking

This could mean your vehicle needs the tuning or checkup on the issues of the car.Let the workshop guys take a test drive and diagnose it with an estimate.

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