If you have not done any car detailing work earlier then you would not be aware about the buffing process. For most of the people buffing is some made up word for polishing .While it does share the similarities,buffing actually means a process by which we remove minute layer of the paint.Doing so it has many advantages.

Fresh Layer Outburst

This is the primary effect of buffing the car.Under the layer of paint which has been exposed to the elements for years is a fresh layer just waiting to bust out.When it is done correctly in the right amount then it would make it a great way to make the vehicle look new again.

Longer Lasting Finishing

The best way to keep the vehicle new as always would be to take the good care of it.Buffing is one way to do this. By treating its exterior with care,the car’s finish can last quite a bit longer

Removes Minor Scratches 

No matter how careful you are with your vehicle,the scratches are bound to happen.Buffing your car will often remove these blemishes as long as they are not so deep.

Three Types Of Buffing Techniques

Buffing your car definitely will give you great benefits. Once you have decided to get it done,you need to choose in the way it is taken care.There are three types of techniques to choose from,each with their own pros and cons

Manual Way  

If you enjoy taking hands-on approach,you can do the buffing of your car manually.The best part is that it does not much of the effort and work on your part.Unfortunately,the results are not that astonishing as the results are uneven for the vehicle.


High Speed Buffing  

This is the best choice for going ahead with the buffing as the results are quite surprising when done by the professional who has hands on experience and training to achieve the evenly results on the vehicle.The scratches has to be removed,then have to go with the high speed buffer for desirable results.

Orbital Buffing

This is the middle ground of buffing for the car.Orbital buffers can be used by non professionals and don’t require as much compound to give effective results,which would save your money and still will get your job done.

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