Not all car care service centres care for your car but we Doers do.A set of car care tips for the day to day life,that will help you keep your car’s body out of the harm

Vacuum Cleaning

  • For the car to be cared it has to be always kept under the constructed roof or be covered under some plastic/cloth cover as it protects from the unwanted stains on the car’s body.
  • Whenever washing or cleaning your car on your own,you should not remove it by your nails but instead use the shampoo and little water to wet it and then use cloth to push it off the surface this reduces the scratches on body heavily.
  • One of the most important part of the car care is to get your air conditioning ducts cleaned every 6-12 months so that there is the healthy circulation of the air in your car when is a/c is running

DashBoard Cleaning

  • To increase the life of paint onto your car it is always advisable for you to Teflon coat it after 1 year of it’s purchase and get it done every 6-9 months so the results should be everlasting over the years.
  • Always recommended for keep the sanitation in the car as the integral part of the car care and can be actually very effective in maintaining your overall health. So it is advisable to carry a hand sanitizer before and after the driving the car.This will keep the steering wheel and gear stick free from the germs. .
  • Also you can also try our germicidal interior cleaning treatment,which can effectively kills 99.9% of the germs inside your car while turning your car everything inside shiner and cleaner.Get it done and you don’t need anything for 3 months.

Interior Spa

  • It is very healthy practice to clean your steering wheel,car door handles etc every fortnight with antibacterial solutions like Dettol/savlon.
  • In case of accidental coffee or soda spills,wash it off immediately or the stained portion would lose a layer of the color making it ugly to look at it.
  • Birds excreta on your car can be damaging and would chip the paint as it is acidic in nature.Hence wash it off as soon as it happens.
  • If there is wearing off or chipping of the paint,it is advisable for going for the repainting as the inner metal can catch rust and can spread across the car rendering it to be useless.


Don’t waste water on washing the car often with hundreds of litres being wasted.Maybe someone would go thirsty for the amount of the water being wasted.Be a responsible citizen of the society and avoid wasting of water.Not wasting water and still keeping the car clean is the mantra.We can clean the car for you in just 500 ml of the water being used.For more info reach us on are happy to assist you.

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