Sitting in the layby and waiting for the bike to be recovered due to below breakdown issues that must have occurred.Below are some of the breakdowns that are faced regularly by the riders.




1: Plugs/flooded fuel

There are always the problems associated with fuel injected bikes,old fashioned flooded engine or dirty spark plug that would leave your bike unable to start.

2: Clutch

The clutch is another of those key elements that would strike you down even in minor failure.While the worn clutch or broken cable or leaking master can render your clutch lever inoperative.

3: Gearbox

Bike gearboxes are generally tough,simple things but over a time and under stress they will eventually wear and break.The clutchless shifts in the gear,broken chain will all leave you struck at the side of the road.

4: Alternator

Alternator failures are another of the most unpredicted things that sometimes just strikes before you reach your destination while racing at the highest speed.In the hope you will reach the destination,the battery gives up.

5: Immobiliser

In our experience,immobiliser failures or  operator failure if happens then it would stop the owner from moving anywhere.

6: ECU/Engine management

Modern Bikes are more reliant than ever on electronics,so it has to be appeared when it is checked in the computerised machine where is exactly the issue is happening in the bike.These issues are difficult to be found in old vehicles as they don’t have the computerised method of the checking the electrical issues in the bikes whenever breakdown happens.

7: Engine mechanical

NOW this is a proper breakdown. This is the situation when the piston comes out. Or a cam chain snaps, introducing valves to pistons in such a way that most of the motor’s insides start to resemble some sort of avant garde industrial sculpture. Don’t skip on servicing.

This is the frequent breakdown that everyone faces.This is condition where the piston comes out of the side of the engine or a cam chain snaps,introducing valves to pistons.

8: Accident

Perhaps it is not the breakdown but everything comes to halt once this happens when fast moving and effectively sticking your bike ditch into some other vehicle or any accident as such appears.

9: Flat battery

MOST of the time we don’t find ourselves pining for the days of kick-starts and magnetos. But if you ever return to your bike to be greeted with nothing but that dull ‘click’ on pressing the starter, you’ll have a rare moment of wishing you could kick in a more productive way than the one you’ll be tempted to resort to. Although a dying battery will usually give you fair warning, accidentally leaving your parking lights on all day will kill one that was perfect, and many of today’s bikes, packed with electronics, won’t even respond to attempts at a bump start if the battery is too flat.

10: Tyres

CHECKING your tyres is always a good idea, and if you want another reason to do it, how about the fact that they’re the number one reason for motorcycle breakdowns. OK, often there’s nothing you can do about it – a rogue nail in the road or a particularly nasty pothole can destroy a tyre that was perfect when you set out on your journey. But for every unexpected failure those there will be others that come down to poor maintenance or damage that could have been spotted at home before you set out. Keep an eye on your tyres – you know it makes sense.


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