If you have brought a new car,there may be debate every time you think of the maintenance of the vehicle.Should you go to the dealers for the repairs of the car or else do you need to go the independent workshop just like Doers-online vehicle assistance workshops? The debate is constant between the car owners and it seems more than half of the people you may ask say the dealership or authorised service centre and other would be saying independent workshop like Doers-online vehicle assistance workshops.There are risks and benefits for both choice,and the option you decide would be entirely on the personal preference for the car repair




As far as the prices, the independent like Doers-vehicle assistance workshops would be cheaper and affordable compared to the Dealership or authorised workshops. On average ,people who prefer to get the work done from the dealership or authorised service centres end up paying more for those repairs instead of the cheaper repair cost.


Arguments on the mechanics experience and knowledge for both authorised/dealership or independent workshops like Doers-online vehicle assistance seems to go back and forth. However one thing that cannot be argued is that technicians/mechanics at the dealership/authorised service centre almost work exclusively on certain brands only, while independent workshops like Doers-online vehicle assistance would work on a wider variety OEM parts that best suits the vehicle. Dealership mechanics may have more knowledge of the specific car, and in turn would do the work but not the priority basis. Independent workshops like Doers-online vehicle assistance  have high on experience and have various methods of solving any kind of problems onto the vehicles at the best possible prices on priority.


While most independent workshops like Doers-Online vehicle assistance have much access on the parts availability in the markets and procurement is easy for them so that the necessary repairs can be done on the vehicle at the earliest.They have wide knowledge on the parts and vehicle which needs to be repaired.

Dealerships have only parts of their brand and company and any other kind of arrangement is not possible.For example,if the gear box has to be repaired in dealership then they would change the complete gear box assembly whereas in the independent workshop they would go for the repair work of the gearbox at the cheaper prices.It is completely on your preference you can take the vehicle for repair at the dealerships or independent workshop for the type of the work,part,experience and priorities.