Here are few winter tips from our experts for your car . Various parts of car get affected during winter time. We have observed many frequent issues with our customer vehicles and this are real time issues normally observed during winter time.

Battery Health Inspection

It’s very wise to keep close eye on battery health. There is large chance that battery would get down during winter time and keeping the battery on charging whenever it require or keeping the vehicle turned on in regular interval of time, would keep the battery health intact. Also you can keep a couple of jumper cables handy, in case your battery runs down suddenly.

Wiper and Wiper Fluid 

The wiper rubber part are the part which prone to damage quickly. Keeping close eyes on wiper blade it would save the major damage which can happen to windshield. Further, keep checking the wiper fluid level as it shouldn’t settle as semi liquid.

Defroster and Climate Controller 

Don’t forget to check the defroster and other control system of the car.

Both of them play an important role in cold weather, while your car’s climate control system helps you keep warm when the outside temperature is biting cold, the defroster helps your car prevent the formation of ice on the windows.

Brake System

It’s important part of car to ensure your safety. During cold weather, the braking distance of your car increase and shoes also become little ineffective.

Also the the traction between tire and road decrease. In that regards, fine tuning brake system helps to prevent any major safety issues

Finally, It’s better to get the car inspected by Doers experts technician to avoid any major damage to your vehicle. We are available 24/7 for assistance always. Contact us today.