Daily we receives the questions from many of our customers that what all cover in insurance and what are timeline and cost implications for such claims. Here is the answer from our expert.

Car body work Insurance

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So lets start, First we shall see about different type of insurance which are available in India

  1. TPLI – Third party liability insurance cover- is the limited insurance coverage which helps to claim damage done by your vehicle to other vehicle, property and or person.
  2. CIC – Comprehensive insurance coverage – It’s TPLI + Damage to your own vehicle.

Now the next question comes, what all things covered in car insurance.

  1. Bodily Damage – Covers the damaged caused by the car to bodily injured
  2. Car Damage – The damage incurred to the car
  3. Third Party Property Damage – It’s damage any other vehicle or property or person death

Let’s see the factors which influence the premium of car

  1. Vehicle related factors like – Fuel type, vehicle make and model etc plays a crucial factor to estimate the insurance premium value
  2. City/Location – This factors influences premium are whether its rural or urban.
  3. Driver – The age of person who is the owner or driver

After we understood factors let’s see what all covers in car insurance and what all are exclusion

  1. General ageing issues not covered
  2. Wear and tear
  3. No claim outside the country or geo location mentioned in the policy
  4. No claim can be done if driver was under drugs or alcohol
  5. Damage due to war or attacks
  6. If the vehicle used other then mentioned purpose.

Once you understood what to claim, now let see how to claim

  1. Report accident at the earliest with all possible details like vehicle number of other person etc to your insurance company toll free number
  2. Note down the claim number which will be provided by the insurance company after reporting. This will be your communication number
  3. Submit the require documents to company
  4. Contact Doers for pickup of vehicle and we shall further coordinate with insurance company to claim the damage
  5. Get the cashless or get the money to your bank account in 1-2 weeks. (as per company policy


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