Road trip seasons are very near and make sure that your vehicle is ready to take some heat. Here we brings you 5 important tips to take good care of vehicle

1. Get your vehicle oil changed and oil filter changed – Before you hit the road, first and foremost, check the engine oil level, condition and filter. Due to change in season from cold winter to hot summer, the engine oil properties changes over a period of time. Hence, it’s highly recommended to get the oil change so that it can absorb the extra heat of the vehicle. Further, the oil filter would need replacement as it will increase the effective oil flow if the oil filter is clean and it will block the require dirt. The better oil flow means the better lubrication and cooling of engine.

2. Check fluid levels and condition – Once you ensure the engine is getting right cooling and lubrication, the next comes is the other cooling fluids. This radiator and other cooling fluids are the important parts as this helps to further maintain the right temperature in your vehicle. As per the data, the major breakdown in summer happens mainly due to over-heating which is directly proportional to cooling effect.

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3. Maintain right tire pressure – To keep the vehicle rolling in summer vacation in all terrine condition, the tire deserve good checkup. In today’s world you would be having live tyre monitoring system which keep you posted about tyre pressure. Make sure that tires are rightly inflated before you hit the road which surely increase the life of tires by reducing wear rate.

4. Battery Checkup – Summer heat results in oxidation in battery which reduce the life of the battery considerable extent. Further expert says, most people are unaware that summer is the biggest cause of battery failure.

5. Brake Inspection – At the end, Is there anything more important than brake system of car? Check the condition of the brake pads and fluid level which help you to keep the tire on road. It’s very obvious that, you would be very concern about the people who are in car and ensuring right safety of all the member is the responsibility of owner hence, never forgot to do the detail brake system inspection.

Now, you’re ready to hit the road but don’t forgot to carry the documents of vehicle which include RC, Insurance copy and driving licence. If in case of any difficulty with the vehicle, the Doers experts are a just call away from you for assistance.

Doers wishes you and your family happy and safe  summer holiday ahead.