Driving can be very dangerous. Every year there would be shocking number of death rate and the major rate of such accidents are mainly due to below reason. Let’s figure out what you shouldn’t be doing while driving.

1.Mobile Usage – People are so used to mobile that we have observed that many people watch movies, text and surf on the internet very regularly. The number of accidents are recorded due to mobile usages are increasing day by day.

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2. Eating Food – People spend eating food during busy day and it would be very obvious that they would be compromise on the both the factor resulting in unexpected things

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3. Fall a sleep – During hot summer and busy traffic time or long ride make you stressed and sleepy. People sometime fall sleep while driving which certainly causes major losses.

4. In appropriate use of car system – Some time people uses the leg to steer and accelerator pedal as foot rest or the gear lever boot as the arm rest which causes the issue again

5. Lean over to reach – Too often people lean to reach stuff like pen drive, paper, music CD which again would be dangerous

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