The car and bike has become inevitable and necessary part of life. Regular check on the few important steps would surely avoid the forth coming issues which we Doers has been hearing from our customer in many region like Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.  The information presented over here are considering the aspect of vehicle safety, user and road safety. Every time you get into vehicle just have look around the vehicle and we guarantee you, it shouldn’t take more then 10 minutes to check most important step in your vehicle.

  • Inspect Oil/ fluid level of engine, brakes, clutch, power steering and auto transmission and others.

Adequate fluid level is very important for the health of the car and for good performance. Hence we should ensure car has a sufficient amount of fluids so that all the components and cooling system perform its function at its best.

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  • Look if there are any signs of corrosion around the battery.

Corrosion around around the battery terminals is due to the hydrogen gases that are released from the acid in the battery. We receives heavy enquiry from Doers car Service  Bangalore Customers, who reports that there is thick layer of white powder got deposited on terminal and many times the terminal become so weak that it cuts off so hence it’s important to get the vehicle terminal clean on regular basis. If the corrosion is on positive terminal then it is due to overcharging and if the corrosion is on negative side is due to undercharging. If there are signs of corrosion then it is time to take the car to workshop for electrical check up. You can also book the Doers Doorstep Car service now who would come to your location and get this fixed for you.

  • Inspect lights i.e. Headlights, indicators, taillights,and other

Turning the vehicle and checking the above mentioned things before your any ride would ensure the vehicle, your and others safety. Many times due to poor bulbs life or other issues the bulbs get damage and hence one should check whether headlights are working and turn signals, taillights are working. This is one of our check point of the regular service for car where we would ensure all the lights are working as needed.

  • Check for tire i.e. wear and tear of tire, pressure of tire etc.

We receives the many breakdown issues at Doers from customer who reports that Tire blown out or need replacement or it’s puncture. Hence it’s very essential to check whether wear of the tire i.e. the depth of the thread, at the sides if they is any damage, cuts, cracks and also area around the rim if you feel limit has reached the tire has to be changed. The recommended tire pressure for the car will be in the owners manual or the door jam. to maintain the tire in good condition it’s important to maintain the recommended tire pressure.

  • Check for dashboard signals like, engine temperature warning lights, tire pressure warning lights, oil pressure, traction control, engine warning, antilock brake warning, battery alert, fuel indicator, washer fluid indicator.

Dashboard signals are the indications if there is any malfunction. So when there is  a indication, it’s time to get your car checked. Doers provide easy DIY to understand what every single tells about your car. For more detail refer our DIY page.

  • Do a regular servicing of your car.

 Regular servicing of car will keep the car in safe and drive-able condition. It will increase the reliability and reduces the risk of breakdowns and other problems. As the car is maintained in a good condition you get higher resale value when you want to sell it and buy a new car. Regular service includes oil change, filters change and all other checks. So car periodic service is always recommended.

recommend our car service customers to get the vehicle serviced every 6 month or 8000 kilometer. To know the details about your service, please contact Doers support team on 080-49652345


  • Keep the car clean so that, if there is any oil leakages it can be spotted.

 Generally the oil leakages happen due to burnt gaskets, damaged oil seals and bad connections. If there is any leakages are happening it should be taken to the workshop without any delays.




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