When it comes to maintaining your car performance for a smoother and better drive, transmission system plays a vital role. We’re well aware of importance of engine oil and in similar line the transmission fluid also is also very much essential for overall car health and performance. We at Doers receives the queries from many customers who reports the issues with the transmission system like clutch or drive train which easily would have taken care before catastrophic has happened as it’s really easy to maintain, but it is very expensive to replace.


Below are the few simple and effective car transmission maintenance tips which would surely ensure the transmission life and keep your vehicle wheel rolling.


  1. Inspect transmission fluid on regular interval – Find the dip stick, pull it out and wipe it, insert it again, pull it out and get the reading. It’s the fluid level is low it need a top up, you better, check if there is leakage. If the fluid is in bright red color, then the fluid is in good condition, if the fluid is in dark color and has rotten odor, then the fluid has to be replaced.

  1. Right Specification Fluid – There are different SAE grades of transmission oil available, but selecting the right oil based on the vehicle life, operating climate and transmission setup is very important for smoother operation of the transmission. You can also find the details of the specification in your owner’s manual or you can connect with our experts in engine & transmission system to select the right make and specification oil.


  1. Regular General/Periodic Service Regular service for your vehicle will also help to maintain the transmission system in place. Engine cooling system, not only prevents the engine from overheating, it also ensures the transmission fluid pumped to the gearbox is also cool. Hence, make sure your engine cooling system is in good condition. You can refer the extensive Doers car service checklist here for more information-https://doers.co.in/pdf/General%20service%20checklist%20-CAR.pdf

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  1. Transmission System Flush Cleaning & Replacement of fluid – Transmission fluid has to flushed regularly, when to change transmission fluid depends on the driving conditions and your owner’s manual would also have this information which sometime ranges from 10,000 kilometer to 40,000 kilometers. Also, we recommend the warm oil drain method where allows your car to warm up and then drain the oil, which helps to drain the oil residue along with the oil. Also, before you move the vehicle, it’s recommended to warm up before you drive so that transmission system can easily overcome the inertia of oil circulation.

  1. Transmission Oil filter – If you have an automatic transmission car, you will have transmission filter. If there is transmission filter, it’s very necessary to keep changing the filter to avoid any oil clogging and better flow of oil to the transmission system.


  1. Others – Some other things that which users can take care is about not riding the car with the bad tire condition, shouldn’t or avoid towing another vehicle, abrupt changes of gear etc. would also help for better transmission life.


For more information on transmission system or for any car and bike service, you can connect with the Doers experts at 080-49652345 or write to us at hello@doers.co.in or you can visit our nearby car workshop for the same.


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