In the early days of automotive painting, paint was applied manually and was dried in room temperature which takes several days. In the modern technology painting is done much faster and is done in a painting booth and heating chambers. Paint is done for protection against corrosion, deterioration, acidic rainwater, dirt and many other hazards and also for decorative purpose. Every one wants their car to look good. But painting a car takes lot of effort, there are several stages in the painting process which are explained below. We at Doers have a certified painting booths and professional painters. Also Doers is well know for best car painting in Bangalore and Hyderabad, Best bike painting in Bangalore and Hyderabad too

The complete paint process are around 14 step and each step has it’s own time and important however, we are providing the few important step among those 14 steps.

Step 1 – Preparation

Initially the process begins with surface preparation, surface preparation is a very important stage where a high jet of water or grit is used to remove the dirt and residue. Then all the trims, door handles, lamps, headlights, and badges are removed. If there are any dents, it will be removed and if there is any rust it will grinded. If there is a need of any metal to be welded, it is done and it will be ground. Doers uses the only standard and certified tinkering setup for the right profile.

Step 2 – Sanding

Sanding is done in circular motion to remove the primer or all the way to the bare metal, it depends on the case. For best painting finish sanding is done deep down to bare metal. After the sanding is done to the desired level the exterior is cleaned the thinner or a clean rag, this will result in removal in dust particles and residue.

Step 3 – Masking

Masking is done where ever the painting is need not be done, including mirrors, window trims, glass, grills.
Color code will be provided on the door jams or in the owners manual, using the same code the color is matched and the matched color is initially painted on the a strip of metal piece for finding best matching. All the painting colour match or colour mixing in Doers Bangalore and other facility done by computerized machine only.


Step 4 –Priming

Primer is applied in thin layers and even coats, normally it is applied 2 to 3 coats, after every coat it is allowed to cure. After applying the primer coat, it will have a powdery finish, which will be sanded with wet and dry sandpaper. After sanding, the primed surface is cleaned with a rag. This process will result in a good finish. Each car colour code has it’s own primer shade that will be available in our workshop

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Step 5 – Painting

Color code will be provided on the door jams or in the owner manual, using the same code the color is matched and the matched color is initially painted on the a strip of metal piece for finding best matching.
Painting is done in sweeping motion, 2 to 4 coats of paint is applied in thin and even coats. After every coat, it I allowed dry. Before applying the last coat they powdery residue is removed by sanding and is cleaned with a rag. After cleaning final clear- lacquer coat is applied with same procedure. The paint is allowed to dry in the heating chamber. Drying time will depend on the paint specification. Finally inspection is done under good light condition, if color imperfection is found, it’s dulled using wet sand paper.

Step 6 – Buffing and polishing

Buffing and polishing is done to smoothen the surface and enrich the appearance. Its done in circular motion. Also this helps to protect the new layer of painting too.

Our Recommendation on material – There are many automotive paints, only water based acrylic polyurethane enamel paint is used to reduce the environmental impact. We Doers recommend Dupont and Nippon automotive paints. Every customer think of the warranty after repainting, we at doers provide 2 years of paint warranty and our aim is to give best quality finish and 100% paint match. Doers uses the paint which comes with the highest warranty in the industry hence we won’t bother to spend 85% of total cost on the material itself for our reliable, quality and far better than showroom finish product.

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