The knowledge of car/bike would be easily understandable if we can correlate the vehicle with the human and apply some basic physics which we have taught  in the school.  Here is the quick information from the Doers ( the best car and bike repair service provider) experts on the same which helps users/owners to make the right decision 

1. Your vehicle would need proper dehydration and frequent discharge on time to time – As like human being we need the proper water and food intake similarly you would also require liquid all the time. Now when we say about liquid, it would be based on the type of vehicle we are talking about. It may be engine oil, engine oil and fuel mixture (for two stock engine) radiator fluid, brake oil and others. As per the service data of thousands, of hundreds of customers vehicle, we can certainly confirm that its very important to replace/top up this fluid very periodically to avoid any mechanical damage to the system. hence we say, the timely discharge of fluid is very important for vehicle components to keep it clean and maintain the performance

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2. The rubber parts get damaged even if you won’t  use your vehicle – We have been taught in the school time that the rubber parts fail when it exposed to different conditions. Rubber is a polymer formed from chains of molecules. It is flexible because there are not many cross links between the chains to prevent them from moving. Ultraviolet light from the sun and heat breaks up the polymer chains, causing the rubber bands to crack. Hence we have observed that whenever a customer says they haven’t used the vehicle for longer and how come the wheel rubber or diaphragm rubber of carburetor is damaged so here is the explanation. The damaged or elongated part won’t fit back in the same way how we wanted, hence we recommend our customer to replace the same to avoid any damage to another party.

3. Rust is slow and influenced process which affect the parts over a period of time. –  The surface of a piece of iron will corrode first in the presence of oxygen and water. Given enough time, any piece of iron will change entirely into rust and disintegrate. Its like if you won’t have much physical activity, it eventually start creating problem like pain or muscle catch similarly if the vehicle does not use the some of the parts like disc pad, sprocket bearing, covers its start getting the thin film of rust on it, which eventually reduce the efficiency of the part hence this would need replacement as filling or grinding won’t be of much life. This would also apply in the cable like accelerator cable/carburetor cable which would start becoming tight or jam and even lubrication won’t help much as there is a high chance of snip anytime while driving.

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4. Cleanliness is very important for all of us – This point may not require any additional explanation, but one thing we would like to highlight is as we human being are more concern about bath and beauty product, we also should choose the right part for the vehicle body wash or interior cleaning as it would play very important role in the maintenance of your vehicle body appearance like painting and shining 

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