Storing a vehicle for a long time is not as easy as parking and walking away. Or it’s not supposed to be if you want it to work again when you come back to it. While many of us have memories of bump-or jump-starting a number of old and neglected times, let’s face it — it’s not good for your car, your batteries, or your stress level or to your pocket. Leaving a car to sit down is one of the most damaging things for a vehicle, but there are a lot of ways – many of them quick and cheap – to help keep a car in good condition while it’s idle. Here are the top five tips for all vehicle owners from the experts.
1. Keep the close check on battery every week
Doers_Car Battery Checking
Car batteries drain with time, so running the vehicle or keeping idle at weekly periods is the best means of stopping a dead battery. But there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how often your vehicle should be taken for a ride or charging. Experts from Doers says, it depends heavily on your car’s condition, battery condition,how you park and maintain the car overall. Experts also says that the starting a car once per week to prevent a dead battery. While idling your car may be better and actually driving your car is the best way to recharge a battery in a timely manner, even if it’s just around the block a few times.
2. Keep it moving
Car driving tips_Doers
Running a car at least once in a week not only maintains the batteries powered, it also stops the motor and other components from drying out. If a car is sitting for too long, oil begins to settle, fluids begin to separate and seals can start drying out, which eventually damage your vehicle
Removing the vehicle for a quick trip helps maintain fluids in place and guarantees that all moving components — the engine, braking, and so on — are well lubricated. That is one of the main reasons why going out on a drive is superior to just idle your car on the driveway. When keeping the vehicle idle for complete lockdown duration or for anything above 2 weeks there’s a whole host of things that can go wrong,
3. Let’s park wisely
Avoid car parking under tree_Doers
Long-term parking on soft ground or grass or dusty area allows moisture and dust to flow into the undercarriage of your car, causing rust and other issues. It’s ideal to find a place on the pavement or gravel. If you park near in common space like roadside, children play area there is high chance that it will get screwed If you park under the tree, there again a high chance that the car panel will get damage. Bird poop is an utter tragedy and can destroy the paint of a car within hours. Therefore, whenever necessary, do not hide your car beneath trees or in areas where birds are likely to fly. Also kindly park on the level ground so that all the suspension system get same load/the weight distribution is normal.
4. Top off fuel tank

Fuel top up tips_Doers

The effects of petrol fueling prior to long-term parking have multiple effects. Topping off keeps condensation from collecting within the tank, and experts say that it often avoids oil emissions from rising up to dangerous amounts. While it is potentially overkilled, you should use a fuel stabilizer to prolong the life of your petrol/diesel to keep it from weakening over time.
5. Let’s not use the parking brake
jammed Car brake_Doers
Leaving the parking brake on for a prolonged period of time can cause the issue with the parking system which may get jammed. We at Doers receive a lot of enquiry from a customer that they kept the vehicle on the parking brake and now they are unable to release the same/jammed.
6. Considering car covering
Car Cover_Doers
cover can protect your paint &panel, as long as you clean your car thoroughly before putting it on.Cover on a filthy car might do more damage than good, because with time the cover will rub off and rub off the color. If you choose to go the extra mile and cover your color, wax and polish your car before you put it inside. This would extend the durability of the paint. If you’re not willing to go for the cover, waxing is the next best option to do.
7. Rodent “stay away from my car”
Your car may be a rodent motel, depending on where you live and park, if it is too long neglected. Experts says that use the rodent repellent in your parking space or inside your car. Also kindly keep the car clean and neat (avoid food covers etc) to protect from the rodent or to prevent unwanted visitors.
Tips Before you hit the road
Tips to car owner_Doers
When after a week or month you are driving a car, it is a smart thing to check the vehicle quickly and ensure sure it is indeed roadworthy. Test the tire pressure, coolant, oil and others and get the braking on the first few rides. Don’t hit the hard brake and Don’t do 100 kilometres per hour. Ease in it


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