Best Car Painting in Bangalore

Get your vehicle car painting in Bangalore by Best Certified car painter in certified painting booth and heating chamber. Doers provide best car painting service in Bangalore with 2 year paint warranty. We provide 45% lower cost compare to OEM and far better finish compare to OEM Doers provide car painting in Bangalore for all range of vehicle from Maruti Suzuki to Bentley with great quality finish. Doers also provide different car painting in Bangalore and also different coating like ceramic coating, rust coating and polishing.

When and where to do the repainting

This is the most common question posted by the users over internet. The next most searched question on the internet is where to find the best car painting Bangalore which is more reliable, quality driven and affordable.

We have answers for all your query and questions. The best time for repainting your car and bike is anytime between 5-7 years. This is the idle cycle where we recommend to go ahead with the repainting to keep your car in very good condition. As your car mechanical parts or system needs regular maintenance similarly the car body also need regular repair or repaint. Hence avoiding the same would cost very high which will weaken the metal strength hence resulting replacement of sheet metal.

Now the next question is, Where to find the most reliable paint provider

The most important part of getting vehicle painted is to find the best car painting service provider. It’s very hard to find the reliable painting service provider in Bangalore. You would be able to find the hundreds of painting service provide from the street to big building. Here are the best tips to find the best car painting Bangalore.

1. Look for Professional rather experienced – We at Doers has the professional painter who has done the painting for vehicle since long time in professional company like BMW, Audi etc

2. Look for enclosed painting setup – The reliability or quality of paint is mainly based on the paint setup which you use. We provide 2 years warranty on the paint where our paint normally lasts for around 10 years too. The important factor for best painting is to get the right painting setup. We Doers has the enclosed vacuum painting booth to provide you the desire and quality service.

3. Don’t look to save few thousand – Many people makes mistake in deciding painting company and main reason what we have found is price. There are many of our competitor who provide the service at around 5-8% lower compare to our cost however they provide only 1 year paint warranty. They normally uses the same paint used by OEM. But name is same however the grade is lower. Hence you shouldn’t over-think to go for little well priced, quality and reliable paint option