Frequently Asked Questions to Doers

You can book the service via multiple options.
1. You can reach us on our helpline number which is 080-49652345 and provide us basic details to complete the booking.
2. Visit our website and complete simple booking process.
3. Chat with us on our website to confirm the booking.
4. Email your details like, name, phone number and complete address on

We normally cover around 40% more detailed service compare to an authorized service center. For bike, we cover at least 47 points service and same you can access Doers Bike Checklist.
For car, we cover 66 points service which is further in-detail compared to an authorized service center and same you can access at Doers Car Checklist

About the price, Doers is the lowest and very affordable service in the market at the moment, our prices vary 20%-60% (based on work, mechanic work, body work etc.) lower compared to an authorized service center for far superior quality service and support.

We have very simplified process for our customer. Once you book the service after providing basic details about yourself, we shall allocate to nearest workshop based on availability of slot.If the issue is minor (like, clutch cable replacement, brake cable replacement etc.) will be done at customer place and otherwise we shall take the vehicle to workshop. Regardless of the issue, we shall diagnose the vehicle either customer place or at the workshop (based on work), we shall provide your report along with estimation and our recommendation. Once you gives us approval, we shall proceed further and perform stage quality inspection and then deliver the vehicle to same address once its ready. The Customer will collect the old/used parts (on customer request) and take a test drive and the release the payment before taking complete delivery of the vehicle.

We won't provide general service at customer place due to many reasons. Mainly,
a. For satisfactory general service, we require correct facility. We have all the facilities in our workshop like, ramps, pneumatic system, motor winding, washing, etc.
b. Our technician won't be able to carry all the tools to customer place as all the tools from one model or other model varies.
c. If we are doing a service at doorstep and if any spare parts require, technician need to travel back to a workshop or store to get the spare parts, however, we have all the required fast moving items available of the shelf in the workshop.
d. If a technician needs any helping hand to perform a job, it won't be possible to arrange on immediate basis at customer place.
e. We may have difficulty to disposing the used spare parts or consumable at customer place.
f. It's not recommended to create noise/smoke which may happen during testing of vehicle at customer place.

There will be no charge if the pickup is happening within 5 KM for Bike and 7 KM for Car from workshop location. If the customer is away from the above mentioned area distance, our customer support agent will confirm pickup and charge if any before sending our technician

Our technician will arrive at your doorstep within 30-40 minutes (time may vary based on slot availability and other external factor like, traffic etc.) or at your specified time window. (Eg. 5.30 PM - 6.00 PM) You can identify our technician via his Id card (Name will be texted to your registered mobile number before pickup) and or he will be wearing Doers T-shirt.

For Bike - If it's regular service, we would require around 45-60 minutes to completely diagnose the vehicle and send across the report however, the time duration may vary if it has other service along with regular service. For bike, we would require around 4-6 hours to complete general service.

For Car - If it's regular service, we would require around 90-120 minutes to diagnose the vehicle and send across the report, however, the time duration may vary if it has other service along with regular service. For car, we would require around 5-7 hours to complete the work.

We care about the vehicle and it's reliability. Hence at Doers we care utmost about spare parts. We use only genuine spare parts which will be from any one of recommended spare parts supplied by OEM.

Our goals and process is designed in such a way that all customer service will be done under complete monitoring of quality inspector via multiple quality gate. The technician at Doers has around 25 years average experience technician and have under-gone certification process before getting on-boarded. Further to provide best support to our customers, we provide warranty on all the services to take care immediate issue which occurs after the service.

It's difficult to confirm the price of parts without diagnosis of vehicle, as the issue may be different then reported or part may be re-use instead of replacement without compromising quality of service. Further, it's very difficult to confirm the price of all the spare parts without having vehicle at workshop as spare parts varies from each year model, different version and many other factors however our agent will try their level best to confirm the price of at least few parts or fast moving items. If your looking forward for complete estimation, we request you to opt for our service where you can book the service and get the detailed estimation of work along with detailed technical information and our expert recommendation.

The cancellation charges will be paid only in below situation. Please note, there will be no charges to book the service online.
1. If you cancel the service once mechanic reaches your location or after getting diagnosis of vehicle regardless of issue, there will be minimum cancellation charges will be applicable.

For Bike - Rs. 100-150 (Based on location of customer and technician, which will be confirmed at the time of booking)
For Car - Rs. 200-250 (Based on location of customer and technician , which will be confirmed at the time of booking)
For Brake-down issues. (Price will be confirmed as per time and brake-down team location)

The cancellation charge are applicable only in above case, as our technician are travelling to your place and spending time for diagnosis of vehicle or getting the vehicle at workshop and checking the vehicle and then returning the vehicle back to your location. In many cases, two technician will be travelling for 1 customer so that other person can get the vehicle to workshop if require based on service.

Once you booked the service, you will be getting booking confirmation SMS along with job id which confirms that we have received your booking. After that, our technical team will get in touch with you to understand the process. Once your confirm the service require time, you will receive pickup SMS which will have the details about person who will do the pickup of your vehicle. Once we get the vehicle in our custody, we shall acknowledge the receipt of vehicle via SMS which you can consider pickup confirmation form of Doers. Once we complete the diagnose of the vehicle, we shall send you report on your email id and our agent will call you to confirm the same. Once you provide approval, we shall start the work. In between we shall update the status of work via SMS and also about the vehicle ready for delivery, If in case, you wish to have word with our agent, please feel free to contact us on 080-49652345 or on chat option in website.

We accept payment only at the time of delivery once you see the vehicle and after taking test drive of vehicle. If there is any advance payment needs to be done which will be informed via report (mainly for full body car painting, full restoration of bike and car or major work in car, like turbo work etc)

We accept only online payment which you can make via payment link which will be provided after service via multiple payment options, like Net-banking, Credit card, Debit card, wallet (Jio money, Ola, Freecharge and Mobikwik), UPI (on payment gateway page) and EMI (based on order value) - If you make payment by anyone of above method, there will be small amount charged extra as conveyance fee (2% of invoice value + 18% GST on 2% value + Rs. 3 - Eg - For Rs. 1000 invoice value - total conveyance fee will be Rs. 26.6 ) by payment gateway. However, the same can be avoided if you could make payment to company bank via IMPS or by UPI app by entering account details. In some case, we do accept cash however the decision is purely based on invoice value and conditions.

We won't be able to do that as the system allocate the nearest workshop to your location based on slot availability in that workshop. All the information is locked until and unless we complete the booking process as it's completely done automatically.

The price for denting painting varies from type of vehicle, year model, colour, damaged area, type of repair method, paint shade etc. However if you wish to get generalized price about denting and painting or any car body work, please visit our car body page

The painting timeline varies from type of work and existing condition of vehicle, slot availability however, generalized timeline is here.

1-2 panel - 1-2 days.
2-3 panel - 2 days
3-5 panel - 2-3 days
5 and more panel - 4-5 days
Full Body painting without roof- 5-7
Full Body painting with roof - 6-9 days
Full body painting with colour change - 8-11 days.

All the painting job at Doers has 2 year warranty from delivery date. We aim to provide 100% colour match and far better quality finish compare to authorized service center. We won't accept payment until and unless our customers are happy with out paint finish. As we are using best paint product, highly trained and experienced technician and great facility like painting booth and heating chamber, will surely help us to achieve the best quality finish.

It's very difficult to confirm when will be the best time for general service for your vehicle as health of your vehicle depends not only kilo meter reading rather on many other things like, driving style, terrine condition, traffic, city and highway rides, etc. However below is generalized time-frame in general bike and car service.

1.Bike/Motorcycle - Every 2000 KM or once in 2-3 month*.
2. Car - Every 10,000-15,000 KM or Once in 6-8 Month*

* - Please check the actual duration of service with your OEM manufactures and the above information provided in only generalized information which may/may not applicable for your vehicle.

The prices mentioned in the website is only for service charge or labour charge excluding GST.